Massachuestts Architectural Design Firm

IT Support, Design, Installation, Administration & Monitoring Services

Q-BiS designed, installed and is now monitoring a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server solution providing Shared storage, Exchange email and Remote access. ADR was experiencing trouble with receiving large blueprint drawings via email due to the size limitations placed on inbound emails by their email service provider. ADR also wanted to be able to receive emails and access company data while traveling. ADR now is able to receive large emails via their SBS 2008 server using Exchange. They are able to access email anywhere in the world using Outlook Web Access. Should the need arise they can remotely control their office PC's via Remote Web Workplace or they can establish a Virtual Private Network using their Cisco Small Business Wireless VPN router and client software.    

Massachusetts Medical Wear Designer

IT Support, Design, Installation & Administration Services

Q-BiS is assisting Peg Feodoroff of Spirited Sisters Inc. a start-up company designing fashion patient wear, with the maintenance and growth of Spirited Sisters computer and network environment. Implement Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard.  We will be implementing most of the capabilities provided by SBS2003. First deploying Active Directory, Shared Files, DHCP, DNS, SharePoint, Remote Web Workplace and Network Backup using Backup Exec 11d.  In the future when the client has understood these features Exchange will be activated thus bringing all but Spirited Sisters eCommerce website in-house.  

Massachusetts Disc Jockey

Web Site Design and Update

Q-BiS agreed to take over support and maintenance of  Providing timely changes as requested by the client.  Q-BiS partially redesigned the site to better organize the links, add images and update the menu to be more dynamic.

Massachusetts Residence

Home/Office Move and Wireless network.

Q-BiS was asked to move a number of computers and peripherals from a Business to a home and set them up again with a network.  The client did not want to run a tangle of network cables around the new home/office so a wireless router and 4 network cards would be used to replicate the business network environment.  Q-BiS accomplished this through the utilization of wireless technology from Linksys.   Comcast broadband internet would provide the internet access.  The move, installation and configuration took approximately 6 hours to complete.  Comcast was scheduled to install Broadband two days later. 

Massachusetts Residence

Home Wireless network.

Q-BiS was asked to install a Linksys Wireless 802.11G Router and enable 3 laptops to access the internet. We configured this router to not broadcast its SSID so that a stranger could not find and access the internet through the home owners wireless router. we  also enabled 128 bit encryption so that the wireless communications could not be intercepted and viewed.

Small Massachusetts Medical Office.

Web Site Design. .

This medical office desired a web presence from which to inform their patients of their services as well as make certain documents available to the patient so that they could fill out necessary forms prior to arriving for their appointment making the patients visit more pleasurable. 

Massachusetts Livery Company.

Refresh the clients web Site .

At Your Service Limousines wanted to update the look of their website. They also wanted to be able to take reservations for their service over the internet inform their clientele of recent company news and upcoming charity events.

This project by far has been the most intricate of those done by Q-BiS. At Your Service Limousines is involved in many different charities events and provides extensive services to those who need Limousine service.  The site is very dynamic in that news and events are changing on a monthly sometimes weekly basis. Q-BiS is very responsive to these changes and can usually publish them within 24 hours of being notified.

Massachusetts Residence.

Wireless Network and Laptop.

The home owner desired to purchase a new laptop and enable it to access the internet. Q-BiS researched laptops for the client and settled on a Dell Inspiron 1150. Q-BiS also installed a Linksys Wireless 802.11G Router. We configured this router to not broadcast its SSID so that a stranger could not find and access the internet through the home owners wireless router. we  also enabled 128 bit encryption so that the wireless communications could not be intercepted and viewed.    

Massachusetts Fine Wine and Liquor Store.

Refresh the clients Web Site

The clients  web master had been unresponsive to communication so Q-BiS was asked to take over the support of this site and refresh its look.  Working closely with the client Q-BiS was able to provide a site the client was proud to display and use for displaying a Wine Tasting schedule, Tips on serving wines and promoting the sale of fine wines from the clients own wine cellar.

Massachusetts Interior Design Office.

Upgrade 3 Microsoft Windows 98 Workstations and a peer windows 98 server to Windows XP and replace an old laptop with a new Dell desktop and migrate the users DATA and to do it for less than another vendor had proposed.

The challenges on this project were to secure the clients workstation DATA so that in the event of an upgrade going wrong the workstation could be restored, that the workstations would function in a manner that when the user returned to work on Monday that they would be able to use their computer with little or know instruction. Also regarding the laptop replacement the challenge here was to migrate the users DATA from the laptop to the new desktop and instruct the user in how to use the newer versions of productivity software the user was already familiar with. During the upgrades memory was added to the workstations to increase performance once XP was added.  Also user email accounts were created or updated on their web hosting company's server.  The migration to windows XP went with little difficulty and the client was very happy with the enhanced performance that Windows XP provided them.  

Small Massachusetts Dental Office.

DATA Backup; Hardware and Software Solution

The client desired to secure his practice DATA from loss due to hardware failure or corruption.  Through the use of External USB Hard Disk Drives and Re-Writable Compact Disk Media an inexpensive solution was provided.  On a weekly basis the client would backup his whole hard drive using the external 80 GB USB HDD and Symantec Ghost 2003. This method would facilitate the speedy reconstruction of the clients system with all software and configurations as well as the patient database to the date point at which the backup was made.  To restore the most recent database files the client would perform daily backups of the patient database to a Re-Writable compact disk using Microsoft's Briefcase utility. The client is very pleased with the results and ease with which the backups are performed.

Small Massachusetts Medical Office.

HIPAA Compliance;  Network and Hardware installation

The scope of this project was to assist the client with identifying hardware needed on which to install a HIPAA compliant version of their Patient Database software as well as  provide Internet connectivity with remote access via a VPN solution.  In addition,   provide the knowledge and experience to install, configure,  test and maintain the equipment and network.  This project required that the solution be implemented in stages due to compatibility constraints between the current version of the Database software and the   HIPAA compliant version.  The stages were,  1) Establish a 10/100 Mb 100BaseT network. 2) Install the Windows 2000 server. 3) Install the new HIPAA compliant version of the database software onto the server. 4) Patient database conversion to the new HIPAA compliant software version.   5) Insure the reliable backup of the clients data. 6) Upgrade the  Desktop Operating system to a version which required LOGON at startup as well as  re-authentication after a period of inactivity to meet HIPAA compliance.   Post HIPAA compliance tasks were 1) Internet connectivity 2) Remote network access via Virtual Private Network.  

Major Massachusetts Medical Facility, 

Onsite Nurses Laptop upgrade Project. 

Allan's responsibilities as the Lead Engineer  were to oversee the migration of user specific data from the Compaq Armada laptop to the Dell laptop as well as the education of the Nurses in the operations of the laptop.  The education included basic hardware operations, Login procedures, Dial Up Internet and VPN connections and authentication to the Network resources such as Exchange email and NetWare file services.

Major New England Bank. 

Server Security policy enforcement. 

The Project scope was to bring all of the accessible Novell NetWare, Microsoft NT4 and Unix servers into bank security policy compliance. Allan was  responsible for the application of  Security policies to the Banks NetWare 3.x and 4.x servers.  Allan was also responsible for identifying and recommending adjustments to Novell Directory Services (NDS) objects for security compliance issues. Allan also assisted the project lead with the application of security policies to the Bank Windows NT4 servers. All NetWare servers were brought into full compliance  to the extent that he had access.  NDS recommendations were made for the identified NDS objects which were not in compliance with Bank Security Policy. It was the responsibility of the Bank to make the changes to NDS objects.

Major Massachusetts Medical Facility,

Network File Server Relocation

Allan was responsible for the physical move 10 Novell NetWare and 10 Microsoft NT 4 (Exchange) servers with the accompanying TL 895 F/CAL SAN backup hardware. The scope of this project was to inventory the equipment, prepare for disaster recovery, prepare the new site's rack systems to receive the equipment, verify and test power and network connectivity prior to the move, choreograph the move and participate in the move.  The move was accomplished over two weekends and was completed on time with no unscheduled downtime experienced by the client. The  client was very satisfied with the project.

Major Massachusetts Medical Facility,

Novell Directory Services Consolidation project.

The goal of this project was to reorganize and clean the clients NDS database. This project had a number of facets. Identify objects which can be removed from NDS, document the objects prior to removal, remove the objects, alter the NDS container login scripts to reflect the changes in directory objects, visit the user desktop to change their environment, this was necessary due to the use of Microsoft Windows NT 4 and the clients security requirements making the user unable to alter their own environment. Allan was the on site lead during the desktop changes responsible for 4 other engineers and over 3,000 desktops

Major Massachusetts Medical Facility,

NetWare 4.11 Server Upgrade / Migration project.

The goal of this project was to replace the aging Memorex/Telex Tricord NetWare 4.11 file servers with the newer Compaq ProLiant 7000. Allan's responsibilities during this project were 1) Onsite Technical Lead during the actual server migrations 2) Create and test the script used to perform the migrations.  I also assisted an Enterprise Engineer in the testing and implementation of Compaq Storage Are Network (SAN) solution. The components of which are Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (F-CAL), Hub, Host Bus Adapter, F-CAL Network Cards, Compaq's TL 895 Tape Library and Veritas' Backup Exec 8.0. This solution provided the client with an acceptable time window for backing up all of their data from 5 servers attached to the F-CAL SAN. Their windows went from over 48 hours to 2hours. This was accomplished by the differences in the technologies. Prior to the F-CAL SAN the client Backed up their servers across a 10 Mb Ethernet LAN achieving approximately 1 to 3 GB per hour throughput from each server with jobs running serially even after implementing a change to 100 Mb Fast Ethernet the throughput only increased to 5.5 GB / hr. After implementing the F-CAL SAN the throughput went to over 80GB / hr with 5 servers running their backup concurrently to the TL 895. Each server achieved throughput to its tape drive within the TL895 of over 18 GB / hr

Major Massachusetts Medical Facility,

NetWare 4.11 server installation and data migration.

Allan's responsibilities were the assembly of Compaq Server hardware components, Installation of Novell IntraNetWare operating system, installation of Cheyenne/CA Arcserve 6.X backup software. Creating scheduled jobs using Arcserve to copy users home directories onto the new IntraNetWare server volume. Verification of user attributes following the data migration. Altering the container login script to reflect the new location of the users home directory. Synchronization of user accounts in both Novell IntraNetWare  NDS and the Microsoft NT4 Master Domain

Major New England Financial Institution.

Y2K Project.

System BIOS patch, OS patch, Y2K BIOS test, Y2K Real time clock test and Desktop inventory using NetCensus for approximately 12,000 desktops. Allan's job during the pilot was to provide technical support for hardware, DOS, Windows 3X, 95 and NT4 as well as the Y2K software being used. During the actual project my job was to provide technical support as well as Data Quality Assurance. Data Quality Assurance required verification of the data arriving from multiple sites via e-mail. This involved inputting the data from individual engineer’s remediation sheets into an MS Excel spreadsheet, manipulating that data, providing reports to the Project Manager. Also verifying the count of NetCensus inventories received against the count of desktops remediated from engineer’s remediation sheets. Then assembling the individual NetCensus inventories into a ZIP file and forwarding it on to the engineer responsible for generation reports on the desktop software inventories from the NetCensus data. My involvement with this project ended in June with the completion of Phase 1.

Major New England Financial Institution,

McAfee Anti-virus installation project

Lead Engineer responsible for distributing McAfee Viruscan anti-virus software to the users desktops. Stabilize and Optimize the desktop environment so the McAfee VSHWIN (Vshield for Windows) does not impact the users ability to perform day to day business functions. Automate the distribution of the Viruscan virus definition files to the desktop. Automate the distribution of McAfee Viruscan 3.1.X software to update the versions previously installed onto the desktop. Resolve all McAfee related issues. Allan also had two technical resources reporting to me who required training and supervision.  The project was so successful that the procedures used to optimize the Windows environments were used on other projects as well as used to resolve numerous desktop support trouble tickets.

Major New England Financial Institution,

Supplemental Staffing Network Administration

Allan was responsible for one Novell NetWare 3.12 to 4.11 server migration as well as the day to day administration of  NetWare 3.x and 4.x servers. He also evaluated  PinPoint's Clicknet network management and inventory software with pilot implementation  His contract expired prior to the completion of the evaluation of the software.

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