Remote Support Tool​s​ 
This page provides instructions for the remote support tool installation and uninstallation.
Please review the Downloading section for guidance on downloading these files. There are some behaviors that you need to know how to respond to.
Please click one of the following links to download and begin the installation
                           Q-BiS Quick Connect Agent          
The Quick Connect Agent is a run on demand self contained application, no installation required.  Simply download and launch.  It will open a session to the remote servers on the network, send an email to with the "encrypted" connection information and present you with a passcode. Give that passcode to your support representative to allow a remote support connection.  The Agent can be reused each time you request support so keep it available
                           Q-BiS Always On Remote Agent          

The Always On Remote Utility is a full time remote support agent perfect for when support is needed anytime even when there is no one at the computer. This is a full installation and runs as a service in the background.  

Please follow the instruction below to download and install these utilities


If you are using the new Microsoft Edge browser you will be prompted to DELETE the download because Edge has determined "it could harm your computer".  You will see this in the bottom left of the browser window.  Please click the three dots ... to the right of DELETE and select KEEP from the menu.  The web page will change to your DOWNLOADS page and will popup a "This app might harm your device" message box were the default option is again DELETE.  Please click on "Show More"  and click on "Keep anyway". You can now click on the QBiSAlwaysOnRemoteAgent.exe file displayed on your Edge Downloads page to launch the installation

If you are using the Google Chrome browser the behavior is similar though the wording is changed.  In Chrome "Discard" is used instead of Delete.  There is an up Carrot ^ instead of the 3 dots to the right of Discard and it does not popup a message box prompting you a second time to keep the file. 


Click on the downloaded file (From the bottom left in Chrome and in the Downloads page in Edge).  In Windows 10 you might next have to deal with Windows Defender protecting your PC.  A message box might open "Windows protected your PC" In this message box the action button says "Don't run" and there is a link for "More Info" please click More Info. This will change the message and display the reason the install has been blocked. "Unknown Publisher".  You will notice that the action button has also changed to "Run anyway"  click on Run anyway to start the install. You will next be prompted by User Access Control to allow the app to install, Click Yes. The rest should happen in the background and there will be no further prompts. An email will be sent to Support @ with the "encrypted" connection information which can only be entered in to the Console that was used to create the installation file


Should you need to Reinstall this utility please use the Uninstall Remote Utility app.  Please save this file to your computer as you will need to Right Click and select Run As Administrator to get this to completely remove the Q-BiS Always On Remote Agent.  Find where you saved the file to, with most browsers the default save location is in your "Downloads" folder.  You can find this by opening File Explorer and under Quick Access you will see a blue down arrow and the word "Downloads" click on this and look for the file UninstallRemUtil.  Right Click the file and select Run As Administrator.  You may be presented with a "Windows protected your PC" blue message box.  Please click on the "More Info" link which will reveal a "Run anyway" button.  Please click Run anyway.  Next you will need to respond to the User Access Control prompting to Allow this app to make changes, ​Please click Yes.  A black box will open with some text and then it will close. When it closes it will have removed the Remote Agent and a message box will open stating you can now reinstall the Remote Agent.   NOTE: Running this without Running as Administrator will uninstall the Remote Agent but it will not remove references to it in the REGISTRY.  Without the removal from the registry Q-BiS Support will not receive an email with the new Encrypted password and Internet ID information